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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just the way I like it.

New wedding photos to be posted soon!
I love being involved with weddings. Especially when I am in control. I must say I have had some stressful times but the fact that I can work those things out and I can make other people calm down is very rewarding. I'm a whole different person when I'm in control. I'm saddened that my ex-bosses (Restaurant owner and Event Banquet owner)think I've lost my "fire" since my current desk job (Though I like it very much!). I've become an emotional and quiet person... which has brought me to this conclusion. I don't think I do weddings for the enjoyment of photography. I do it for the "I couldn't do it without you", "This was more fun then I thought, thanks to you", "you did an awesome job", "thank you for taking control", and "so many have said they (the photos) are the best they have ever seen and one of my friends cried when she saw them" Weddings bring back that little bit of fire in me. Or a stiff drink might do the trick too. =)
Going to a wedding relieves all that pent up energy from not having control, not having a say so, and that lack of someone really needing me.
I have two more weddings to share until September. Then I have three more major weddings to do. =)
Then I will have to find something else to occupy my restless mind.
Here are some from JUNE 2008

Wedding Photo!
Wedding 1