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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being old is no excuse for not being enthusiastic!

I swear... I felt 20 years older this week... Lack of food, water, and sleep will do that to you I guess.
The reasons I feel so tired is:
Friday I finished and sent out Senior photos, two family sessions, and a pageant from the last weekend.
Here with me

Saturday I woke up and had a pancake, an apple, and 2 glasses of water knowing that I wasn't going to be eating well. My first photo session was at noon... I was assigned to take pictures of a mother daughter tea. I thought I did fairly well!


I learned a lot about my new camera within those few hours. I ate a chicken salad sandwich... Now, I'm not much of a meat eater... or a mayonnaise kinda girl... but I am glad I ate it because I left the mother daughter tea late and drove like a bat out of H-E-double-tooth-picks to a wedding at Camp Machindoh... so I would have missed food opportunities.

Now my favorite kind of wedding sessions are the ones where the Bride and Groom say, "Let's take all the pictures before the wedding!" Traditionally they are not supposed to see each other before the ceremony. For those who just GASPED... I did it... I'm still happily married the first five years were a piece of cake and I am more in love with my husband than I ever was. So... think of this way, you can have great pictures of your wedding or you can see the look on the grooms face as he views you for the first time on the way down the aisle... Both are memorable in it's own way... choose wisely! Tell me if I am wrong.
Anyway... I am rambling... Bryan and Alli were one of those couples that did their photos before. We were a little late getting to the church but it started on time!! Receptions was very good. They had a fruit and dessert reception with a little dash of Mexican snacks.

So after the wedding my husband and I drove to Chicago tired and dehydrated. We arrived at the comfy hotel where I dumped all my days work onto my laptop then went to bed at 3am. Around 7:30am I jumped out of bed and headed straight for the shower... unconsciously. I guess Michael, the groom, knocked on the door and it startled me to the shower. This is another wedding that did the soon-to-be-traditional photos before the wedding. The reception was beautiful.. I had a full meal, plenty of water, and... uh.. crap.. I just realized.. I didn't have cake... oh well. Despite how tired everyone was... the energy was in full gear. Oh.. and did I mention the Mariachi band... yes.. there was one.
Metts Wedding
Metts Wedding
Metts Wedding
Metts Wedding
Metts Wedding
Metts Wedding

Wednesday I had another shoot which I will be sharing along with my engagement session this Saturday~!
Chicago wedding
Chicago wedding trolley!