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Friday, October 23, 2009

Trash my Dress... Part 4

"The Hillsdale College Baptist Church is a nightmare to photograph"... I've heard this several times before... I feel a challenge coming on.
I have photographed this church before... uhhh... Like three years ago... I feel my eyes have matured so has my knowledge...

First step... ask to use the joint:
The little ol' man said yes! Now for a model... Who owes me money.... hmmmmm...


Meet Taylor. 9528_181529026514_681811514_3774083_5361761_n

Taylor is also a photographer.
I assisted her in her first wedding this past weekend and thought she would be perfect modeling material.

Challenge one... The Aisle.
The Lil' Ol' Man turned off the lights as if it were a real wedding. I sang the wedding march.... (although not very well)...and was promptly told that the wedding march would normally be louder than that...thanks Lil Ol' man... =)

The aisle was dark... NO LIGHTS. It was cloudy and rainy outside so the light from the window was no help... Bring on the flash.

OK.. not a good start. I used the 50mm and direct flash... although crystal clear... I still felt it could have done without the shadow... OK.. Again

New aproach... taken with a fish eye lens with the flash pointed at the ceiling. I should have got the poor girl some flowers...
With some minor editing I would say these turned out well.

(NO FLASH on this one *smile*)

I have some confidence now...

Next Challenge:


The Stage:

Ok... It's well lit... But... My D300 was set at an ISO of 800.. The good news is they could have turned off two more sets of lights and I would have been A-O-K.

Stage Left:

Stage Right:
No flash... you can see the awesome and witty Lil Ol' man in this picture... hehe

Center Stage: I got low to capture the overhead lights... awesomeness


Back aisle... Just wanted to give it a whirl... And It worked just fine:


Challenge 4... and probably the most important challenge... the balcony.

This place had a wrap around balcony. I could have done the whole thing up there if I wanted... But I wouldn't... because I like to move.. And I would feel alone.

Movement, the balcony, and my "long nine":

balcony left:
normally a bride wouldn't look at you during a ceremony... but it could happen.

WINDOW! Not a challenge... but a must have! I would have normally use the balcony windows... but time was running out and the lil ol' man's ice tea (at least that's what I thought it was.. what else would you drink out of a mason jar?) was almost gone.

50mm 1.4


Since this church was built in the late 1800s.. I figured vintage was appropriate for editing:
DSC_7203 (2)
DSC_7229 (2)
DSC_7272 (2)
DSC_7277 (2)

PLAY IN THE RAIN... you can't leave this church without taking photos of the outside.

DSC_7291 (2)

This dress could handle another "trash the dress" session.

Trash my dress session... #4